Daily Prompt- The Life of Learning

Daily Prompt-Fifteen Credits

Buying numerous journals with pages waiting to be filled and books ready to be cracked open (most of the time already used and abused) is my favorite time of the year.

It may be because I’m in college now and not in High School, but I love being in school. It gets stressful and I’m always excited for summer by April, but while the semester is going on, I’m happy and loving the new things I learn.

Honestly, I feel that I’ll be a professional student with the way my education is going. I’m going into my fourth major change (though my original major) and picking up two minors to go into my fourth year of college. I like to jump around and it’s not to find something I like because I’m interested in everything. I’ve been in Creative Writing, Childhood Education, Journalism, and now Creative Writing. Revisiting this major is nothing like the first time. I’m picking up Women Studies and am very interested in what I can do with that. I want to change the world and school is an important instrument to me.

I don’t know when I’ll finally graduate and I have no clue what career I’ll settle into. Maybe I will decide college is for me and become a professor. Whichever I choose, I’m excited for the beginning of the semester (though not excited to say good-bye to the summer weather). I love school so much I have a hard time dealing with people my age who are not in college. I immediately ask them what in the world they’re doing with their time and how they wouldn’t want college. I get to be selfish. My parents are away and I don’t have to listen to them. I get to figure out how to get by with my Library Job and an apartment. But I also get to gather new experiences and feel that I can focus on myself. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


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