“Four posts in two days, what do you mean you never post?!” I can hear you all saying this. My response is school doesn’t start until Monday. Sunday I have no internet, so don’t hold your breath. My failings in blogging will soon happen. If it doesn’t, congratulate me or tell me to go get a life. 

So, feminism. If any of you read my first post or my About, I believe I said that this blog is predominately for reviewing up and coming female writers….so where are the reviews? Well, I created this blog on a whim and didn’t really consider what I was reading and how much time I have to read. Here I am reading a popular female author and my next book to read is written by a man. I’m changing my plans. I will now look at the books I do read and focus on the women in the books and how they represent society’s belief of what a woman should be. (That could be a thesis if I was a freshmen, unfortunately I am not.) I may update my about me, but I may fail. Most likely, it will be the latter.

Blah, blah, blah, you say. This is a blog! Get on with it! Anyway, I’d like to explain what my beliefs are, so far, on the whole idea of feminism. I tried figuring it out last semester when I took an extremely awesome Tolkien class. For those of us who watch/read LOtR or have read any other works written by him, there is a sad amount of women and the ones who are there are said to have failed as strong female characters. I crocheted some of my favorite female characters and wrote up what they did and why the character was a strong female character and managed an A. I was happy with it, but after all of that, I snagged a minor in Women’s Studies and now am trying to figure out my idea about it all.

What people see as women’s characteristics: emotional, being able to put themselves in another’s shoes, and whatever else there is I can’t seem to remember, people see as a weakness. Even feminists will say that a woman is being weak when she embodies these characteristics. In my opinion, these are not weaknesses, but strengths that for so long have been seen as weaknesses. These “weaknesses” are strengths that men have a hard time understanding. Just like some women have a hard time understanding the strong characteristics that men have. Honestly, even these are categorizing people regardless of gender. A person can pull different characteristics regardless of gender. Now, I’m rambling and this is the point that a professor would tell me to stop talking and think it through more, but that’s the point of this blog, so I’m just going to leave it as is. 

That may have not cleared a thing up, but I’m hoping it gives you, the reader, an idea of where my beliefs stand as you read reviews and the random blog postings I write. I hope your enjoying my musings, daily posts, and will one day enjoy my book review to come. 


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