Along For the Ride- Sarah Dessen




My first book review for the blog that I made for book reviews! How exciting.

Sarah Dessen is not an up-and-coming female author nor is this her earliest book, but it’s one of my favorites by her and I wanted a beach read. This is my blog, so I do what I want!

Short summary: Auden goes to visit her father before college. She’s focused on school, the daughter of an English professor and a writer, and has insomnia because of the arguments they used to have when she was still in High School. Now her father has re-married and has a newborn, but is too busy on the book he’s writing to pay much attention to either Auden or Thisbe. Enter, Eli, handsome and scarred. Auden and Eli begin getting to know each other in the late, late hours and Auden starts to figure out what she missed as a child.

There’s a lot more to it than that, but with all of the side plots, the description would take forever. Sarah Dessen has an easy map to follow for most of her books. The heroine has a problem with her family and some aspect of her social life. She meets a guy who also has some dark secret. They hang out, but something goes wrong. In the space of time during the wrongness, the heroine tries to reclaim the life she led before all of these changes. She realizes she made a huge mistake and figures out all of her family/social problems and then meets up with the guy. 

This plot line is true for most of her books, not all, but I love it anyway.

Looking at the character as a female and putting it up to whatever feminism I believe in, I must say, I think Dessen accurately describes the conclusions people jump to through Auden. I read a post called “I’m Wearing a Dress, Therefore I Must Be Stupid” and the author writes about how girly-girls are potrayed. I must say, I agree with what she was saying, but she does bring this book up. Maggie is always wearing pink and knows a lot about fashion. Auden is completely surprised when she knows so much about finances. I don’t think this is a fall out of Dessen’s. I believe it represents what many people think and showing that there can be an alternative to being a girly-girl and filled with hot air, is a good thing. 

Auden and her mom are very focused on the representation of women. Auden learns how to balance this. She still hates pink, but she learns that chatting with the girls doesn’t immediately lead you to being uneducated. All of this, I find very important. I’ve seen many girls act stupid because they think it’s funny. The characters in this book don’t act stupid. They act like real people. It’s my favorite thing about reading a Dessen book. The characters are almost real (although they do say things that nobody says in real life and react in a way I feel that wouldn’t happen, but maybe I just like to yell a lot). 

So for those who are just curious on how the book is, it’s been out for 4 years, it’s an excellent book and possibly my favorite. It reminds me the most like The Truth About Forever which had been my original favorite. There are also those parts where your stomach flips, a crazy smile appears on your face, and you clench your toes due embarassment/that-first-almost-kiss/the-actual-kiss/and of course the happy ending.



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