Daily Prompt-Friendship

So, the Daily Prompt told me that my blog was going to be featured in The New York Times and this was going to be the first post they saw. Well, I have no clue what to write. 

And then I realized, somehow my friend has won again. Last night, he told me I should make him famous and write about him on here. This blog is most definitely not famous, but I did find it to be funny that the Daily Prompt was about fame. I’ve decided that he somehow knew and that’s why he asked yesterday. Somehow, he always wins.

The truth is is that I have no clue how to write about somebody who is real and is a friend. It’s impossible for me and will most likely turn into rambling. What I won’t do is give you his name because he doesn’t need to feel any more special. It’s not good for him. Here’s the general description: He’s an education major in his third year of college, but he has no clue what he wants to be. When asked his GPA his reply is “I didn’t look, but I’m guessing I did good.” He managed to accidentally get in a Frat (this isn’t a one time thing, he manages weird shit like this A LOT). He babysits through the summer and hates it. He likes to read horror novels and thinks anything I like is awful, but says that’s not true even if I give him an example.

I should just give everybody my psychological evaluation of him, but maybe he’d read this and then that could get awkward. I’ll skip all of that and tell you about friendship and his oddities.

I don’t know how many people this is true for, but I firmly believe that if I did not have one close guy friend, I would go completely insane. I have girlfriends and a boyfriend, but I still need that other guy who I’m close to and can tell anything to. This is most definitely not the person I’m writing about, that person has been absent for a while now and that story’s really long and really uninteresting and not even worth mentioning, but I just needed to say that there’s somebody else that’s not this particular person that I’m writing about. 

This guy friend that I am writing about is mostly incapable of taking anything seriously. You go to him with a problem and he’ll make you laugh. There won’t be any solving of the problem, but you’ll be laughing about it for a while or, in some cases, just shaking your head at the ridiculousness that comes out of his mouth. See, people don’t have problems with him at all because he manages to keep out of everything by laughing about it. Sure, there are people who don’t like him, but those people don’t like him because they can’t have a serious conversation with him that doesn’t include a joke about: drugs, therapists, stealing puppies, robbing a bank, and how he thinks you’re a serial killer. He just doesn’t show that he cares about anything and not in a “I keep it all inside, you don’t want to know the real me”, but in a “laughing is a lot better than talking about serious stuff.” And he wonders why there are people who can’t stand him.

I can totally stand him. Actually, I love hanging out with him and I totally tell him all of my problems even if he doesn’t notice them at all and tells me to solve them by becoming an alcoholic. Our friendship is an interesting one and nothing like the past friendship I had. God, this blog is becoming my diary and that’s really unfortunate.

Anyway, can any of you relate? If somebody does read this thing and feels like commenting, go ahead! Any crazy friendships that you can’t even wrap your mind around, so you babble on a blog because he told you so? 


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