Daily Prompt: Lies, All of it, Lies

What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?

I keep the truth to myself A LOT. This isn’t healthy, but it did take me a few minutes to recall the last lie I told. I still might be wrong, but I believe it was during my evaluation after summer camp.

This past summer, I decided I would try being a camp counselor. I was thrilled to get the job, I had no camp experience and that had been a requirement.

At the evaluation, I was told I was a wonderful counselor, especially considering it was my first time. They told me it would be a considerable loss if I didn’t come back and that’s when I told them I’d consider going back. LIE.

I enjoyed camp to a point. I had a lot of fun with most of the counselors and the kids weren’t so bad. My last night was clean-up night where we cleaned, talked, and danced around the kitchen. I left remember camp in better light. The problem is that I also remember thinking multiple times during camp that: “I better remember how much I hate this so I’ll never come back.” I began forgetting all of those horrible memories, but I do remember that line.

I met a lot of fun counselors and adorable kids, but I also had a hard time dealing with the higher-ups and how they ran things and also never having a break for the last three weeks. For any of you who haven’t been counselors at a residential camp, sleep doesn’t count as a break. If you think it does, try it and tell me how it goes.

Also, there were multiple lies to campers throughout the season as well like: Yeah, that bell is just to let us know there’s a moose on the loose (when we lost a camper); no, Buzz did not get stung  (she totally did); no, Buzz did not get stung again (she totally did, again) Bartle ran off because she’s so excited to be on break (she went with Buzz in the ambulance); They’re just wet because they decided swimming would be fun (shallow water search); some people just flipped over on a boat, no biggie (it was definitely a big deal); do you miss home? No! Camp is totally awesome (please, dear God, let it be the end of the season); and finally, are you coming back next year because I’m only coming back if you come back! Yes, totally am! I better see you next year (no. no. and no.)

So, I feel like I have to make up the lies with some truths. Maybe, I’ll get to that at some point. 

Tomorrow, I’ll hopefully be posting, but that might be a lie as well. I’m going back to my apartment tomorrow! YAY! On Sunday, I won’t have internet access. BOO! The next few days will be shaky, so you may have to wait for some more ramblings. Also, I totally love that I get more likes and comments on the posts that have nothing to do with blogs. Yay for talking about myself on the Internet and pretending people care! YOU ALL CARE, I KNOW IT.


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