A GIANT Carmel Mocha Latte to End the Day

Do any readers work at the library? And if you do, do you enjoy it? I’m always unsure about it. This is my fourth year working at the college library. I’m able to surf the internet during down time and when I’m not, I’m answering really dumb questions or checking in/out books/laptops/mice/headphones/dvds and so on. This will be time to blog when I have a few seconds.

First day of classes! It’s all of that excitement and dread all in one. Considering I had an English class, I couldn’t wait to meet the professor. I believe with this school, the English Department is a hit or miss. I’ve had really awesome English professors, but I’ve also had horrible, never again English professors. Literary Criticism was one of those classes where the response I had to the requirement was “uhhh”. It was one of those subjects that made me feel really stupid and the first day of class did this too.

I consider myself a reader, but I do not discriminate against Young Adult books and will read almost anything (look at my Goodreads account) whether or not it’s considered “literature”. This guy slammed all of this down and told us how he felt about that and then shared his summer reading list for half of the class and the other half was showing us all of the languages he could speak. Of course, he was not pretentious at all, just showing us what it meant to be literate. I sat and picked at my cuticles (I didn’t even know what cuticles were until this class) until he called on me. Of course, I didn’t know the answer. He then asked many of us if we read 10 books this summer. I said no. Usually, I would have read way over ten books, but if you’ve been reading, I worked at a summer camp with no breaks. (I do believe I did read about 9 books this summer, but I didn’t want to let him know which ones because I’m sure they weren’t up to his standards).

Obviously, I didn’t like the professor, but I’m hopeful. Maybe he does this to scare away the people who aren’t going to work well. The only other professor for the class is even worse, but I’ll handle it as I always do. Hopefully, tomorrow goes better. Three classes that are an 1 hour and 20 minutes each! YAY!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll ramble on about what you should and shouldn’t do at the library. It has potential.


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