Daily Post-A Blonde Walks Into A Bar…

Do you consider yourself funny? What role does humor play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know?

Of course, I consider myself funny! I mean, doesn’t everybody?

Being funny is one of those things I wish I could do. I’ll try, but then my words lay flat and people awkwardly chuckle before starting up a new conversation. Me being funny face-to-face is a joke. I’m incapable of it and tend to stutter my way through it before coming to a halting stop.

In my writing, I’m a bit more confident, but once again, I can’t tell. I’m the type of writer that will read my own writing and laugh at it. Yes, I laugh at my own jokes. It makes me cringe too.

To the second part of that, I don’t know if I have a “funniest person I know”. I think most of my friends are funny. There’s the ones who are only funny (remember that post about the friend? Yeah, it’s him) and there are those that humor comes up in spite of somebody else (pointing to the boyfriend at that one). I’m not sure I’m met the funniest person I know, but maybe I’ll be able to peg that one down.

I’m sure I’ll meet a professor trying to be funny today. It’s the first day of classes and I only have one class! The professor will make us laugh and we’ll all be excited at the humorous prospect of her. Or she’ll drone on about the syllabus and we’ll want to leave right at that moment. Either, or, we’ll see what happens.


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