Daily Prompt-Writing Will Help Me Win

You are receiving an award –- either one that already exists, or a new one created just for you. What would the award be, why are you being honored, and what would you say in your acceptance speech?

Oh! An award! Well, I can’t say I didn’t see this was coming…..

That is absolutely not me. I’m more of the “did I even deserve this? There were people better than me! Now you’re telling me you want me to make a speech?” There’s a lack of self confidence, telling others they’re so much better than I am, and a fear of standing in front of a crowd. I really need to work on all of these if I’m going to win an award for my writing.

Currently, I’m working on a children’s novel and my wish would be to get the Newbery award. Being able to get that stamp of approval on my best-selling book would be a dream. All of that would be a dream actually, including the best-selling book part.

I should be working on my acceptance speech, doesn’t every writer have one? Who would I thank and what would I say is beyond me. My parents should be ones that I thank, but even then, they haven’t been that supportive of my writing. I would probably thank my teachers throughout the year. (I promised a Middle School teacher that I would dedicate my first book to her… I don’t remember which one). I used to get my way by telling people if they gave me what I wanted they would have a shout-out in my acceptance speech, but once again, who was that? I made a lot of promises when I was younger.

The novel is something I should get started on, but I get overexcited when I begin a novel and don’t realize all of the changes it will go through. I could start working on an outline/1st draft type of deal, but that’s even up in the air. Maybe I’ll do that after the book review I’m going to write next. Yeah! That’s right! I read another book!


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