Daily Prompt-Off Topic

Cast the movie of your life.

Oh, dear. This means I can pick anybody I want to be. If I was going to be honest, I have no clue. I know who I, my boyfriend, and old roommate would want to be casted as. None of us look or act like the people, but it would be a wish. Emma Watson would be me, Gerard Butler would be my boyfriend, and Kristen Stewart would be my best friend. This is what they want, what I would want is: Jennifer Lawrence as me, my boyfriend as David Boreanaz, and my best friend as Emma Watson. This would make a pretty awesome time and be much more interesting than my actual life. (Not that my boyfriend and best friend aren’t great) This would be a good time.

Emma Watson showed up twice in that. I love her and yet would reconsider my sexuality if she offered.

Anywho, this Daily Prompt did not entertain me as much as the others, so now onto updates of My Life.

Remember that pompous prick of a professor I complained about? Guess what?! I dropped his class! I am now a much more happier student and hope the classes I picked up aren’t awful. My friend (hi Lizzie!) had him for a different class and she said he was awful. We don’t have the same taste in professors really, but if I already didn’t like him and then she just confirmed my feelings as true, I’m taking it as a time to get out of that class ASAP. I also tried to do the readings for his class and I burst into tears trying to read it. I’m not sure if his condescending personality made me feel like I couldn’t understand it or if I actually couldn’t understand it. If you would like to attempt it and show me up here is assignment number 1 XI [1 – 11]; XIII through XVIII [13 – 18]; and XXIII through XXIV [23 – 24] and assignment number 2 :  I through IX [1 – 9]; XV [15]; XXXIII through XXXVI [33]; and XLII through XLIV [42 – 44]

To give him some credit, there was a week to read it before class started I believe, but I registered late, so I had the night. Even if you do understand it, please try and believe I’m a smart person, but apparently not brilliant (or up to his standards).

This ends my rambling, I think. Does anybody here go to SUNY Oswego? If you do, hey! If not, well maybe your college is better. Also, I’m reading an awful book that’s making my brain cells disappear and maybe that’s why I failed at that class.


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