Daily Prompt- Dancing With a Bear

Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes. GO!

And this is what you get for listening to the radio: “It’s our party we can love who we want.” This, of course, is from “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus. I’m surprised that they’re playing her song after the VMA performance. Now the only thing I can think of is her tongue and her jacking off with a foam finger/dick. No, I’m not slut shaming Miley Cyrus. I don’t care whom she sleeps with or what she does on her own time. It’s the fact that she was on public television and seemed to be coked out of her mind. Let’s sing the song again: EVERYBODY IN LINE TO THE BATHROOM/TRYING TO GET A LINE IN THE BATHROOM. Oh dear.

So, I’m taking the line out of context and talking about it. “It’s our party we can love who we want.” This is probably the best line of the song. I’m going to take it a part like it’s poetry and that the writer of this song is very deep. I’m taking the “it’s our party” part and pretending it’s talking about the person’s life. Our lives can be parties. It has the ups and downs of one and most things that happen in life could totally happen at a party. I only go to small ones with friends and we get to brag about the awesome things we’re doing and then play the “who’s life sucks more” game with how horrible it’s going.

Now onto the “we can love who we want” part. This is true. We can love who we want. It says nothing about the feelings being returned. This can apply to love as in the feeling or love as in sex. Both are true and depending on the feelings of the other person, you could be happy or feel absolutely horrible. If you look at the lyrics as the want meaning you can have any person you want because it’s your life, that could be slightly stalker-ish and you may get in trouble for rape.

Oi, I don’t like poetry or that song, really. I did like to give my response to Miley’s performance since that’s what everybody has been talking about and I’ve been wanting a reason to go on about it. It just happened to be that song was on before I got out of the car. That’s just wonderful. I need Pandora to get it out of my head, now.


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