How Did This Turn Into A Rant?

I’m not doing the writing prompt today because I just don’t feel like it. I’ve been stressed about switching classes and not getting on Professor’s bad sides that the blog life hasn’t been looking fun today. 

I did manage to work on a novel. I was able to get into an Intermediate Fiction Writing class that I love and we were supposed to work on Story Premises. This weekend our homework is to expand one of them. I’m between two of them for the class, but one was a novel that has been in my head for a while and wanted to start. 

I’m one of those people who isn’t all that confident in my writing. I think I come up with decent ideas, but the execution is shaky. I’m getting better at looking at a book and figuring out what should be changed (I should keep a journal of these so I can remember what’s important). It still can be difficult to look at my own. I’ve had it honestly critiqued many times, but readers aren’t supposed to use qualifiers such as “it’s crap.” People have different ideas of what’s good. Have you seen Booksie? There was a book up as number one a year or two ago that everybody loved. The writer had each paragraph change color if there was another paragraph because dialogue between two people were within one paragraph without conversational tags. This was the most popular story on the site and I strongly believe it was because the title was “Emo Gay Sex.” 

Now, I have nothing against different ways of expressing yourself as long as it doesn’t harm you or another person nor against those who prefer the same gender. My issue was that it was a cop-out for the writing. It was lazy. There is no reason to not capitalize the first letter of a sentence and edit for spelling. its completely lazy and nobody will take you seriously. i mean come on? if i wrote like this all of the time is it pleasing to the eye? its ugly and alzy and i dont know how people can stand to do it. I can’t even. 

So, back on topic. Writing is one of those art forms where nobody tells you if it’s good or not. An idea might be bad, but the execution is still hard to say if it’s good or not. Some people agree with plot points and others won’t. I have to tell you, I love The Hunger Games, my friend does not. He likes The Walking Man by Stephen King. I did not. I don’t remember why I didn’t, but that’s the point. I had no interest. People have different tastes and if you want to argue about why The Hunger Games is great or how it’s just another Twilight, let’s go! I honestly love to argue. I should be a lawyer.

I have questions for you. How can you tell if a book is good? What turns you off from one right when you start? I can give you many examples, but I’ll keep that in my journal I’ll eventually buy. Seriously, comment though. I get likes, but I’m always wondering if you accidentally hit it. I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE.


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