The Art of Reading

I strongly believe there is no need for drugs or alcohol if you have a good book. The feeling of finishing a book book is beyond any feeling you can get from a drug (as well as much better for your body). This feeling is not always a good feeling, I can say that. I don’t think there was a happy feeling when I finished Catching Fire, it was more of a conflicting feeling between suffering and happiness. When I finished 13 Reasons Why, I cried and hated Hannah, but there was a peace that settled around me just as it did to Clay. The end of Harry Potter was an even more confusing feeling. I was still bawling from happiness, sadness, and the end of my childhood. I was on a high at two in the morning and felt connected to everyone around me. It was a crazy feeling.

I need a good camera, so we can explore my actual reading situation. I am more of the sprawling out type.

So, what book put me into this mood? Well, I just finished Divergent. There are a number of book-to-movie premieres happening in the next two years and I want to be able to read the books before watching the movie. I read Beautiful Creatures right before Divergent and wasn’t confident n the way I felt about it, earning it three stars on Goodreads.

Meryl Streep

There’s a such thing as showing and not telling, Garcia.

I know Divergent is another Young Adult dystopian novel like so many that have been coming out, but I’m a sucker for those type of books. They pull me in and there’s usually some type of romance that helps lighten the spirit up and makes me giggle way too much. Unfortunately, it didn’t last because Divergent has one of the saddest endings for a book that’s a first of a series. There were so many deaths and it makes me worry about what’s to come. Two emotions I can easily feel if it’s being explained to me or am around people feeling the same: happiness and sadness. Happiness is easier for me to get from books and sadness is easier for me to pick up on when it comes to reality. Both are strong, much stronger than anger, bravery, and fear. When I read, I get sucked in. There’s nothing like it. I can remember reading the book for the first time and remember what I related it to. There’s always something that pops up that looks like my life and that’s how I know an author has achieved. 

So far, I haven’t gone on about my favorite books. I read predominately YA, but I also like to explore Children’s fantasy and have a few favorite adult authors. Harry Potter is my favorite and will always be. Always. I do like Sarah Dessen, John Green, and I’m a sucker for Dystopian. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s new book, Styx came out a few days ago and I’m off to pick up my copy tomorrow! (Yays all around) I took a Tolkien class and fell in love with The Lord of the Rings. I’ve always loved the movies, but the books captivated me as well. I love Judy Blume from her kids books to her adult books (though not all of them). The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the rest of the series sends me into a craze when I read them where I decide I’m going to get a tattoo, become a lawyer, and explore my sexuality. I did end up looking into Women’s Studies because of this book. I will admit it. 


Reading is a love I will never destroy. I stopped reading in my Freshmen year due to stress over being at college and handling classes. I was bordering on depression where I sat around and watched movies most of the time. One weekend, I picked up a book I knew I would love and it all came back to me. Back in high school, I went through a bad break-up where I overreacted to everything. During Winter Break, I consoled myself by listening to my iPod at full blast and reading and rereading books like a maniac. It made everything better even if it annoyed my mom.

Except not really because my mom would have killed me.

I’m not sure if all of you like to read or if you claim you don’t have time for it. Reading is one of those things you can make time for. Stop watching tv, put down your game controller, decide to take a day inside, and for goodness sakes doesn’t the Internet ever get boring?! (I know, it’s easy to escape, but consider your options.)

I learn things from reading, pick up on new interests, and meet a ton of people just by having common reading tastes. I met a new friend over the summer just because we’re huge Potterheads. I’m not sure what this post was going to be about. I was just going to talk about my love for Divergent, but as they usually do, it went off on a tangent. I will post about my love for Harry Potter. It’s necessary. 

I figured out how to put gifs in posts! Yay! Trust me guys, this won’t get annoying.


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