Grateful for Everything

The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (or someone).

I haven’t been doing the daily post consistently, but today I thought that this was important. I think what everybody is thankful of today in the U.S. is there lives and their families. It’s been 12 years since the attacks of the towers and many are posting on Facebook and Twitter “Do you remember” and “on this day.”

I’m not going to go on about my “I remember when…”, but I will share a quick one since I think it’s important to recognize the date. I was in fourth grade when it happened. I remember that my teacher was crying. At the age of nine, you realize that adults don’t let you see they’re crying unless it’s important. She sat us all down on a rug and told us what happened. That part, I don’t remember clearly. She told us that planes went into a tower and that we don’t know why. They attacked us because of our country. There was a boy in the class who had learning disabilities. I used to be his peer reader. He always got angry and things like this. We talked about slavery and racism later that year and his fists were clenched and he was shaking. I used to always think it was because he was black and he knew his ancestors might have gone through that as well. Later on, I realized that he did the same thing when we heard about the 9/11 attacks. He was against the injustice of others. I used to think he was incapable because of these outbursts, now I can only respect him.

I don’t remember much of the rest of the day, but I remember watching the tv with my family. It was on the news and I laughed. I pulled out the form that my parents were to sign saying that they explained what happened to me. I then said this, “that’s funny that it’s on the news and I was going to ask you to sign this.” My dad was angry. He told me it’s not funny and I shouldn’t use that word when talking about the attacks. I used to feel badly about this and never told the part about me laughing. Eventually, I mentioned it to my friend when we were on the topic. She had the same type of story. One of her friends at the time said, “why would somebody fly a plane into a building. That’s stupid.” Right at the moment, the understanding wasn’t there. I didn’t get what happened until that night my dad said my cousin had been in the city 2 weeks before that and he could have died. He could have died. Death to a fourth grader who had never had anybody die in their life up to that point was hard. I thought I understood it. Stories made me cry if somebody was dead and I felt terrible about what happened during 9/11. I felt bad about my reaction.

That’s my story and I apologize for the length, but that’s why today is important to be thankful for what you have. Here’s what I’m thankful for:

1)My family and that includes the extended ones that help me every step of the way.

2) My friends that support me and take me a notch down when I need it.

3) My education. Learning means a lot to me and I’m glad I can do so.

4) My creativity. This isn’t something I wouldn’t know how I could lose, but it’s important to me.

5) The people who are here on this planet. What would we do without the people we’ve never met? They affect the people we know and in turn, affect us. I can tell you I’ve never met J.K. Rowling, but she changed my life by the characters that aren’t real, but are real to me.

6) My freedom. I don’t just mean the freedom my country grants me, but the freedom to be myself that I get from the people I surround myself with and the courage to be free.

I’m thankful for so much. There are so many people and things I’m not sure how I could live without. They say be grateful for everything you have, but I’m never sure how not to be grateful. I know what would happen if they were taken away. I wouldn’t be me.


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