It’s the MOST Wonderful Time Of the Year!

By that I mean Halloween.

Sure, I love Christmas and you will see crazy Christmas joy once Black Friday comes around, but until then, I’m all about Halloween.

It’s my favorite holiday. Sure, we don’t get the day off, but I still love it. I don’t know why, but I always have. I love the smell and the feel of fall. Everything combined makes me want to sit outside and take deep breaths while munching on some apple cider donuts or popcorn.

I go out of my way to crunch through leaves. When I lived at home, they were all over the place. Here in Oswego, NY, the leaves are lacking. The trees around here don’t turn the beautiful colors I’m used to and make big piles. Across from my house back in my hometown, there’s a hillside that completely changes. It’s beautiful and something I look forward to seeing.

This is Ithaca which is right next to Newfield. The scenery is pretty close.

So, I’m in Oswego for Halloween and only stopping home for my baby brother’s first birthday (yay!) Halloween still fills me with joy despite being stuck here. I used to never admit I loved Halloween because my grandma liked it and she could get a bit crazy at this time of year. I have nothing against Wicca, but she didn’t understand it and thought it to be something else. During Halloween, she’d be trying to do spells and then for the rest of the year, she’s putting up Facebook posts that say “If you love God, hit share! If you don’t keep scrolling.” Yeah, we all have that one person…..

I like to dress up as well. I don’t go out for Halloween due to me not really liking the party scene, but if I have a reason to dress up, I will. I’m between costumes currently. I can’t decide between going as Columbia from Rocky Horror.

I really like glitter.

Or as Satine from Moulin Rouge.

How could I not want to be her?

The only problem with these is finding a decent costume. They’re not easy to come by. I may just end up going as a fairy and dealing with it.

What a lot of people have trouble with are the costumes that women wear out. They say they look like sluts. Whoa. Slut shaming. Bad. (I may talk about that in a future post)

I really don’t care what people wear for Halloween. My whole idea on costumes is if you’re comfortable, flaunt it! Why not? Some people say they’re doing it for male attention. So? They may even be doing it for female attention. Some say that it’s inappropriate and they’ll get what they deserve. This always makes me cringe. Rape should never be okayed.

I mean if you’re comfortable, go for it. Though that vine may start to slip….

My whole thought on this that if you’re comfortable with it, go for it. You shouldn’t put on less clothing because you feel like you should, but if you’re okay with it, don’t bother with what people have to say. You can be classy and still show off what you have even if that means dressing up as a cat with no clothes on. It is possible especially if you watch your alcohol intake. (Becoming a hot mess in limited clothing is never a good idea)

That was my little rant about costumes and I really hope I get to dress up this year. I may actually go out to a party just to show myself off. Maybe I’ll even post pictures! If I’m going as Columbia my boyfriend has wholeheartedly agreed to go as Eddie. I’m pretty excited.

Happy month of Halloween!

For the book I’m reading currently: Slammed by Colleen Hoover which has a 4.37 on Goodreads. I have to disagree with this from the amount of post it notes I’ve written about all of the bad. There’s too much going on and it’s hard to follow and believe. It’s also a series which is disappointing. I have this thing with Realistic Fiction being a series…I’m not a fan. Some pull it off, but not many. I’m not enjoying the book too much and will hopefully finish it tonight. Maybe, I’ll find a good book afterwards.

Also, just for a little add on. I watched Beautiful Creatures. I liked how the characters were portrayed, but that was as far as I could go. They screwed up the plot a lot. The forgetfulness was a cute addition, but the peak of the movie fell flat. I was disappointed and I’m not sure if they’re going to make a second one. I’d like it if they didn’t. I think it had a very open ending and it should sit as is. It makes it less awful.

Any questions or comments will be appreciated and answered!


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