Finally, a Harry Potter Post!

Oh my goodness.

I am so excited right now.




get to talk about the greatest thing ever…

the most wonderful series of books I could ever find…

It’s wonderful, isn’t it?



So, yeah. My love for Harry Potter is one that has lasted a long time. There have been times when it wasn’t so obvious in my life such as my Senior year of High school. (Why didn’t I pick a Harry Potter quote for the yearbok, WHY?) But it always comes back and I fall deeply in love. Since High school, I have fallen in love with Harry Potter all over again. I love the movies and the books. The books are obviously better, but I can’t say no to the movies. Especially with all the lovely gifs it has blessed me with. Anyway, I’m going to do this in list form, so I can use favorite pictures and tell you why and what I love about Harry Potter. I’m also going to break it up because some are longer than others. There will be more posts later on! I hope you’re as excited as I am! (That’s not possible)

This was originally written last week during Banned Books Week, but I didn’t get to finish it. I’ll try and post parts as much as possible. I’m pretty excited about it!

Now to start with the first two:

1) I grew up with it. This will always be reason #1. Of course, those who read it later on in life can love it just as much, but the feeling of reading it for the first time when you’re just seven years old and growing up with the Potter kids is amazing.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of me reading Harry Potter. My parents were not picture fans nor did they think the Harry Potter craze was going to last. My mother actually didn’t want me to read Harry Potter. She thought it would be too difficult for me to get through and I had to beg to read it. I don’t remember why I wanted to read it so much, but I was set on it. I was so excited when I finished the first one and came out to my parents, set the book down on the couch, and said triumphantly, “I’m done!”. They sat there and barely looked up, “that’s nice.” Thanks parents for all your support. (They weren’t bad parents, but it was true that I didn’t understand a lot of what I read. I had a habit of skimming as a child) Either way, I still fell in love with the series.


2) Hermione

Don’t worry, you’ll get him back.

That even made ME feel better.

I agree.

In my search for a gif of Hermione in OOTP, I found this.

The feels….

And we’re back….

There was so much giggling during the scene. Not so fun fact, this is the only movie I didn’t see in theaters.

And even more laughter.

This is the most used one ever, but I really can’t think of any others.


She’s the girl, and eventually the woman, I’ve always looked up to. I read an article saying that Hermione is the anti-feminist because of all her tears and screams. Can you imagine if we didn’t have a Hermione who had emotions? I believe that the strongest characteristic of a woman is the ability to hold so many emotions and the love we can have for others. People brought her down because she cried when Ron left. He was her best friend and she knew she may possibly die on the trip. He could die too. Yes, Harry was upset, but he didn’t know what else to do. She did leave with Harry and also left the possibility of ever seeing Ron again.

Also, she’s the brains of the group. Not only that, but she’s the one who brings logic in despite her emotions. Can you imagine the trio without Hermione? It wouldn’t exist. She had flaws and strengths just like a normal person. She could be an insufferable know-it-all, but she could also care about her friends and help them find their way.

I don’t know what I would have done without her.






7 thoughts on “Finally, a Harry Potter Post!

  1. aspenlinmer says:

    Great Post!

    I love how you outline your favorite character (Hermione), why you relate to her, and what makes her so great! I love what you write about her when Ron had left…she really was facing a lot at that time. Not only the danger she was in but the idea that Ron could be gone forever.

    It’s just like you say…”Can you imagine if we didn’t have a Hermione who had emotions? I believe that the strongest characteristic of a woman is the ability to hold so many emotions and the love we can have for others.”

    It’s really a testament to her strength that she allowed this emotion to be a part of her while still working with Harry toward the destruction of evil.

    I’d love to hear more of your thoughts about HP. There are so many metaphors in these books and they really have impacted so many of us.


    P.S. Can I post a link to your essay about Hermione on my own blog?

  2. You can never have too much Harry Potter! Just like you I feel like I grew up with all the characters. I never liked the films very much but I’ve read all the books so many times and love them! Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts on them 🙂

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