The Fear of the Blog

Tell us about the blog post you were most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free.

The one I posted a few days about sexuality. Why? Well, it was personal, but I really wanted to talk about the different forms of sexuality whether it be straight, gay, somewhere in between, or not even sure.

It was nice to say what I needed to say. I’m not sure if I’m disappointed by the lack of traffic it has or happy that there aren’t people reading about me. Unfortunately, people tend to think those who who are something other than straight are crazy or weird. I can be a dork, but I’m also pretty mainstream just to let you guys know. I don’t know if I can fall into a category.

I’m also happy that my family or any of my friends have my blog link. I love to blog, but I do it with the knowledge that nobody I know well can read it. Why? For that last post, my family is very homophobic. They’re not a fan of anything that would go against God and that’s one of the ways to do so in their mind. I don’t think I’d ever have to worry about them finding out about what I said because as I said, I’m mostly straight.

For my friends, well I wrote that whole post about the friend-zone. My guy friend who I still want to be friends with wouldn’t appreciate it. Then we would have to have this long talk and it would get bad. I’ve thought about letting him read it and then I realized that I don’t want anything to change. I like our lives well enough.

It’s a short post today, but I’ll hopefully be producing more in the future. I have to keep my Harry Potter posts up and I also have a Buffy one coming up at some point (I just watched the last episode! Yes, I’m still an emotional mess). I use a lot of adverbs, have you noticed? I should look up how to stop doing that.

Have a great Sunday! 


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