Where Have I Been?

I know, try and contain your excitement.

Anyway, I have been gone for almost the entire month of November.



….Unfortunately, I failed. I tried to write, I really did. There were days when I would hammer out 10,000 words and feel great. I wrote almost everyday, but then last week happened and I just stopped. I got to about 33,000 words and I’m still proud of myself. Mostly, I just got bored of the novel I was writing. It was a story for me and nothing I would want to revisit. I’m glad I wrote as far as I did, but it will probably sit there and not do a thing and instead just be a reminder of my attempt.

At least there was an attempt.

Also, if there is anyone on here who reads this and attends college, you may sympathize with me when you realize that it was last week where I stopped. If you haven’t attended college yet, heads up, the week before Thanksgiving is the most painful week. Papers, presentations, random homeworks, and everything else is due. I had also been trying to figure out my VISA for India (which online said it might not be here on time. Uh-oh) and that was a painful time. I was on the verge of tears everyday and fun didn’t exist. To add to that, my boyfriend and I have been in the possibility of breaking up and I was emotionally drained. (I might write about that, but really don’t hold your breath.)

So, that’s my little story of where I’ve been and how I actually didn’t stop blogging. It’s going to be slow moving while I remember how to update more often than once a month, but I will attempt that. I like to pretend that their are people out there who love to read this. I have one friend who has the link and I’m curious as to if he keeps up with it, but I don’t have high hopes. (He has problems keeping up with anything, it seems.)

Hmmmm now that I have a post where I’m just rambling, I’ll give you some other updates. I’ve been reading some good books. I finished Allegiant which I did enjoy despite the ending. If you haven’t read it and like The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and other such YA dystopian, I would recommend the Divergent series. Also, the movie comes out in February. I watched Catching Fire and that was pretty good as well. It was one of the better book to movies I’ve seen.

What else? I’m looking into Grad Schools for some point in the next few years. Currently, I’m set on going for Creative Writing, but I’ll see. I’m set on Hollins (Virginia) right now, but that could be because it’s snowing here in New York and I hate the cold. They say that if you’re born in a cold area you’ll toughen up and I’ll just put my thoughts on that here:

It’s too cold.

Okay, I’m wrapping this post up and will plan on writing more. I may even write ahead of time and then publish when I feel like it. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?!

I’m also looking at one or two more blogs. Originally, this blog was supposed to be about the books I read, but people tend to like my random thoughts better which is cool and everything, but I really want to write about books. I’m thinking about doing a “how it should have ended” blog as an addition. Also, I really want to start talking about self-image and social constructions of what the female is supposed to be like. It’s be fun to talk about feminism being a real, live human being. I’d like to hear your opinion and if you don’t want to share that, whatever, that’s cool too. I’ll be referencing a lot of Laci Green as well and if you haven’t heard of her, GO TO YOUTUBE. She’s kind of my favorite thing right now.

Both of these girls are my favorite. Hannah Hart is amazing.

Actually, guys I’m going to talk about her in my next post. There is so much hate going on towards her. I think it’ll be a fun time. Unless of course you hate all of that feminism human talk.


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