Laci Green: What is She All About?

So there’s a link to her newest video and it’d be great if you watched it! She’s pretty amazing and I’m going to talk about her for today.

Why Do I Like Laci Green?

When I was younger, I got my sex information from health class, gossiping with my friends who had no experience, reading books that had sex scenes, and talking to older girls who told me about spitting vs. swallowing and how it tasted like dish detergent. Ew.

I figured it out and thankfully, I was smart about it and knew about condoms and all of that, but there were a lot of stigmas in my head about sex due to what my family told me and what I was taught in church. I believed that sex before marriage was wrong (that’s okay to believe, I’m not against that idea at all) and that a woman shouldn’t take personal pleasure. I thought it was my job to pleasure my man and it was an admit of defeat if I couldn’t do it well enough. When I did lose my virginity, I was at an average age for it and I didn’t regret it. Still, I had feelings of guilt and I always faked orgasms thinking it was my job.

Now, I’m looking at these videos and wishing I had watched them in High school. Not only does she explain sex, but also orientation, relationships, and about the views on females. I pretended I thought women were better than men, but I didn’t actually. Now, I can see that I thought I was lower than men and have built up thoughts about equality and figuring out how to feel better about myself.

Laci talks about problems girls are coming into all of the time. It’s important for people (boys and girls) to be informed especially when they’re school offers an abstinence only curriculum. She talks about the importance of condoms and STIs and how to prevent them. It’s informative and offers a different view of girls that we’re used to.

Why People Dislike Her:

I looked at some blogs that complain about her and I didn’t look far, so I’m sure I’m missing things, but a lot of people say that she’s hypocritical and doesn’t reply to complaints against her video and instead takes them down.

Hypocritical: There’s a video where she talks about fat shame. She says that it isn’t right for people to fat shame because we can’t tell if they’re healthy just by looking at their bodies. The reason why we’re saying it is because we don’t like it. In a later video, she vlogs about how she lost 35 pounds and how she did it. If she’s against fat shame, then why did she lose weight?

This is once again a judgement of somebody when you don’t know everything. We didn’t know about her health, so maybe she was feeling unhealthy and wanted to lose some weight. She might have realized that she was having negative side effects from the weight, so she brought herself to be a healthier person. We still shouldn’t shame others who are fat because it’s a personal choice. In this case, she made a choice.

Now about the answering arguments problem. I’m thinking there’s such a number of complaints about her videos she might not deal with it anymore. It’s not because she’s not open to other opinions, but instead, this is her opinion. Not yours. You don’t have to sit through the videos. She apparently took down a few videos when people said they were angry and then said people complained about her destroying the evidence especially when she didn’t mention it in later videos. This might be a case of understanding what she did wrong, taking it down, and then not mentioning it so it’s not made into a big deal. People didn’t like it so she took it down. I don’t think it’s a problem and instead a good tactic to keep out of any problems.

My Personal Thoughts on Laci

I’ve already written about how much I love her because of the information she gives and I generally do agree with what she says. I do have some problems with her, but they’re personal. I think her videos are flippant about losing your virginity. I can agree that we have built it up so much, but I’m wondering if it will make girls who thought it was something special just throw it away. This could destroy a person if it was something that they valued. I think there should be a bit more about saving your virginity for marriage, but I can understand that it’s cultural and sexist.

I also think there’s not a lot about men in her videos. She does a few good ones such as “Does Size Matter?” and a video about the body of men. It’s strong, but I do think there should be more. Men have many issues and though women have problems and are put down in society, men are expected to do more than they might be capable of. She complains about girls being seen as sex objects and it’s true, but men are as well. I hopefully will talk about that soon.

I encourage you all to go watch her stuff. It’s informative and she’s pretty hilarious. It’s something that I feel many people could benefit from, but remember to keep an open mind. You can create your own conclusions and figure out your values while interpreting what other people give you. It’s important to do so and I hope you enjoy the videos!


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