Domestic Violence Video Reaction

If you haven’t “liked” UpWorthy on Facebook, do so. If I shouldn’t have liked it because it’s fake or there are other problems, please let me know so it stops toying with my emotions. Anyway, Keira Knightly did a wonderful PSA about Domestic Violence and I encourage you any followers or people who found my blog, to watch it. There are triggers in the video.

I can’t express how much I feel for anybody who has been in an abusive relationship. I have never been in one, but I’ve known people who were in ones and people who weren’t aware they were in one. It’s painful to watch somebody go through that especially when you know the possible consequences. It’s even harder to help them get out of the relationship. It takes time, but unfortunately, it seems that it has to be done quickly. In some cases, patience isn’t the answer. Nobody knows how long it will be before time runs out.

I don’t have much to say about this video other than how strong it is and how real the problem is. It’s difficult to understand how somebody could do this to a person. I’m a big YA reader and my two favorite books about this subject is Breathing Underwater and Dreamland. Breathing Underwater is from the viewpoint of a boy who abused his girlfriend and I find that it does give a different perspective with making it clear that he needed help and it wasn’t okay to do what he was doing. Dreamland is from the perspective of a girl in an abusive relationship and it gives light on how difficult it is to get out of an abusive relationship and why some girls choose to stay in them.

That’s all for this post. I hope the video made you think and you consider some of the books or maybe get out of that abusive relationship or stop being abusive. It’s a difficult action to take, but with many rewards.


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