I Ate My Weight in Uttapam

…No, I didn’t. It was good though. If you haven’t heard of this Southern Indian Delicacy, it tastes like a potato pancake mixed with a pizza. It was the only food I liked in India and I got it if it was available.

I went to India!

Without a camera, so I have no pictures. I can steal pictures from others which I will do soon in my next post. Right now, I’m just checking in with those who read this.

I did have some interesting experiences. I went in a tuk-tuk an experienced the fear of almost dying. For those of you that don’t know….

They’re even scarier in real life considering the traffic.

I survived despite the crazy, cringe-worthy traffic.  It was around 70-80 degrees, so that was a nice difference from the snow of New York. Right now it’s near white out conditions in good ol’ Oswego. I’m missing the heat. I really am.

First day of classes, so I should go to those. Found out there’s a Harry Potter class and I’m not signed up for it. I’m off to figure out what this class is, if it fits in my schedule, and make possible threats so I can manage to get into it. Hopefully, it won’t overload my English classes. (Fingers crossed!)


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