When I was Sixteen….

“Tell us about the person you were when you were sixteen.”


No. Not exactly, but sometimes, it’s painful to look back. I feel like I’ve already written this post before.


No, but I did start another post with “oh gross.” When I was sixteen…hm. I’m going to have to give you some general information about what I was doing when I was sixteen.

Who I was dating: JJ

What I was writing: One Wish… I think. This seems like the most obvious choice since I was writing it for most of my high school career. I feel like I should begin posting my old, unedited novels that I’m not even interested in going back to edit. If you want to see them, you can. Just let me know, I’m very willing to share my shame.

Who I was hanging out with: Ali, Courtney, and Ben.

What I was reading: A whole lot of romance (particularly Sherilyn Kenyon)

What I wanted to major in when I got to college: Creative Writing (about the only thing that’s the same about me anymore)

So, there’s a few extra details that I would share, but I may start posting my blog on Facebook and my family’s nosy, so no. I would do it anyway, but family gatherings will be occurring soon so…No.

‘Different’ isn’t a powerful enough word when describing the comparison of me now and then. Then, I was caught up in my relationship and focused on my romantic future, not my educational one. I don’t even remember having a discussion with boyfriend-at-the-time about college unless it was about me going to a school close enough to him. I was attached and in a different way that I’m attached to Seneca.

I definitely wasn’t thinking in terms of the feminism I related to now. I did have beliefs in individuality though I never noticed my dependency in an unhealthy relationship. I also still wanted to make decisions by myself and didn’t let people tell me what to do. Since I was planning on going in college as a Creative Writing major, I was questioned about it a lot. Most of them were “well what are you going to do with that?” I was firm with what I was going to do and am happy I was.

That summer was my last year at Camp Bayouca. It was probably my least fun as well since I had more questions than I ever had and was uncomfortable asking them. It was a Christian camp and while I have awesome memories, there are some unsure ones. At the end of camp though, my mom picked me up with Bella puppy! AWWWW

She’s so fat and cute!

Bella’s the best.

I was more social and not as shy as I am now about meeting new people. Sure, I was annoying and a bit of a spaz (descriptions for teenage girls who actually share their opinion!), but I did have more friends. I went to group gatherings and we did what we could considering the tiny town we lived in. This included bonfires, parties of soda and pizza, gossiping about whomever couldn’t make it to that party, and occasionally going to the mall when we could get someone to drive us there. My Junior year was probably the best year in High School if there is a such a thing. I have a lot of memories that I couldn’t erase. Some are tainted by the changes we all went through, but hey -insert some saying about being 16-



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