“You Are My Everything”

Remember my first post where I said I was really bad at updating blogs and such? Well, remember that.

So, I’ve been away for a painfully long time while finishing essays and finals. I took a week of relaxation and hopefully now, blogging will become my addiction again. I work at the library for five hours and there’s nothing to do for 3 of those hours. The chairs aren’t comfortable enough for me to just read, so blogging it is (hopefully).

Once again the disclaimer of blah blah blah…this entirely my opinion….blah blah blah….it’s not the same for everyone.

Let’s start!

One of my biggest love-relationship fear is becoming somebody’s whole world.

Baby, you're my missing puzzle piece.
If I could find you, my whole world would be complete...

…And that grammar and punctuation.

It’s romantic, it’s swoon-worthy, and when you see and hear these romantic words in a romance, you can’t help but make an embarrassing squeal. (Of course, some of you aren’t romantics and probably puke when you watch/read this.) It’s perfectly fine in the movies and the books, but I firmly believe that’s where it should stay.

“You’re my whole world.” “You’re all I need.” It all sounds cute, but it has pretty depressing undertones if you consider the break-up. And with these relationships, you see a lot of break-ups.

A friend of mine just broke up with his girlfriend (who’s another friend of mine, yes it is as awkward as it sounds) and he is depressed. He chose to break-up with her, but he didn’t expect her to be happier without him. They had one of those “you’re all I need” type of relationships. They planned out their future in detail and when they broke up, he went on a downward spiral. To make this short-he’s had three almost attempted suicides. It’s sad and he’s getting help.

Why the “you’re my whole world” type of relationship might have these consequences is because you value this relationship over yourself and what it takes to form who you are or who you will be. I’m not saying that a break-up has to happen just because you’re changing jobs/majors/schools, but it means that these needs should be considered. A relationship might break.

If I had a SO tell me I was their whole world, it would be overwhelming. It means that if I fail them, they fail. I never want that type of relationship. I’m more into the idea of two individual people who support each other. I want my SO to come to me for advice, comfort, and to have a good time with and I want to be able to do that as well.

This “all or nothing” relationship seems adolescent to me, but I’ve never been married and am quite young, so what do I know? This is all opinion and has stemmed from my friends’ break-up. I would like to hear your thoughts if you  have any.


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