Remember Hobby Lobby? This is What We Were Afraid Of.

If you have not been on Facebook, social media, or do not pay attention to other states, you may have not heard of what people are calling the “rape insurance” act. If you have read about it, skip the next paragraph. If you haven’t, quick summary:

The law makes it so abortion is not covered by private insurance and the only exemption from this is if the abortion is necessary to preserve the life of the mother. This is the general policy anyway, but what Michigan changed was that insurance policy does not exempt abortions from rape or incest. According to Huffington Post, it is still possible to other insurance riders in addition to your main insurance policy, but there are only four companies that offer this in the state of Michigan.


There are movements to include any abortions in insurance policies. It’s a debate that’s occurring currently, but it’s doubtful that it will pass anytime soon. Sterilization is covered, but abortion is not. It all has to do with the idea of abortion as being a private decision and a private consequence. I hopefully will have time to write about that soon.

Right now, an official law is in the process of being passed to make it unlawful to include abortion in private insurance policies. Do I disagree? Yes. Do I understand that it will most likely pass? Yes. Even if it does pass, I’ll be upset, but nothing compares to the act Michigan passed.

Michigan is the ninth state to pass this law; it’s beginning to spread and it needs to be stopped. Why?

People call this ‘rape insurance’ for a reason. You need a specific insurance to be covered for abortions if from rape or incest. There are many problems with this, but one of the main problems is that it assumes somebody will be able to plan to be raped and need an abortion.

A woman would need to get this insurance rider ahead of time. Most women have the mentality of “it won’t happen to me.” This isn’t a bad thing. We don’t plan for horrible events to occur in our lives. Women, most likely, wouldn’t get the plan. Now, they’ve been raped. Will they be pregnant or will they not? Of course, she could take Plan B, but what if she hasn’t accepted what happened? What if it’s repressed?

Women don’t plan to get raped and then to get pregnant. This law is moving two steps backwards. It’s not even a part of the regular expectations that I have of anti-people laws. Anti-people not anti-women. I said that correctly.

Because I know many are not sympathetic or empathetic, I’ll play the “what if it happened to your daughter/wife” game. You’re married and your wife is raped. She was walking down the street, she was in her office, or she was taking your kids to the park. Whatever. She is raped and it’s horrible and everybody has to suffer from one person’s selfish actions. A few weeks go by and she finds out she’s pregnant.

Who’s is it?

It could be yours, but with the kids and the jobs, there’s not much room for bedroom play. The rapist on the other hand, didn’t use protection and took what he wanted. Your insurance rights have been taken away. You cannot get it covered by insurance. The $500 down payment went to your kids’ clothing, field trips, laptops or to your car in disrepair. Uh-oh. Now because of this act, there is an added problem to your marriage. You’ll be raising another man’s child and not because of your wife’s adultery, but because of her choice being taken away.

I shouldn’t have to do it this way. I think people should be able to understand that there are many possibilities why a woman needs an abortion and if it’s from rape, I cannot understand why there is not full support. Yes, it will be a child, but will that child get the support and love it needs or will the mother feel some resentment because of the way he/she was conceived? It may be involuntary even, but it can happen.

For the argument of this bill, some are saying that if they don’t support it then they shouldn’t have to pay for it. If you’re pro-life then you shouldn’t be putting your tax money to abortions.


This is not your choice. This is a choice to be made by somebody else and you have no right to take away that choice. If it’s from rape, you are further victimizing the victim.

How cruel is that?

I’m not talking about any abortion, I’m talking from rape. Stop taking rights away from people and families after they suffered from a horrible act imposed on them.

It’s unacceptable.


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