Political Lingo and Other Things I Need to Learn

don’t understand need to learn political lingo.


Last year if you had asked me about economics, I would tell you I knew nothing. After taking a wonderful course in feminist theory, I know a bit more and even better, I know why it’s relevant to me. I’m taking an Intro Women’s Studies class and many students do not like the discussion of the economy and doesn’t see why it’s relevant. I’m over in the corner saying “use-values people, use-values.” Of course, that doesn’t mean much until you take a class that discusses the importance of use-values, commodities, and the value of housewives. Economics doesn’t seem to relate to the women’s sphere, but boy does it.

Now to politics.

Everyone knows how politics affect them, but not many are involved. It sucks. I am not claiming innocence here. I complain so much about the world and what am I doing? Not feeling qualified to vote as if I am uneducated, un-opinionated, and am not a citizen. People who read this blog should know that I have strong opinions and yet, I did not vote.

I consistently undervalue myself and that is a huge problem. Not just because of my self-esteem, but because I am not contributing and fighting for what I want.

I have been reading Kristen Gillibrand’s book Off the Sidelines (so far, I recommend) and let me tell you, it is making me feel guilty as hell. After I didn’t vote and found out that Republicans are winning out, I was angry. The next day I opened her book and was greeted with “If you leave the decision making to others, you might not like what they do, and you will have no one to blame but yourself.”

Well shit.

This increased my anger and I questioned myself again. Why can I not follow politics? So I tried and unfortunately, I still am a bit lost. I wanted to see what bills have been passed and which ones are in the making. It’s quite confusing, but I’m working on it. It is difficult to not give up. But what I’m learning is that even if I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, I can still weigh pros and cons. If I see two people debated, I can figure out which one I’d prefer even if I don’t like every single policy they’re creating or rejecting. I like to be certain and fully confident, but I cannot. People can change their minds and they can refuse to keep to their promises.

I am still lost. I am still learning, but women fought for the right to vote and I’m doing them a great shame by not participating. We need to stop being so timid to speak up for ourselves or making a permanent decision. The vote has passed, so I can’t take that back, but let me tell you, I’m going to do what I can to let my voice be heard.


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