Review: A Discovery of Witches

I gave A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harness two stars. Why? I think I had different expectations going in. The title interested me, the length made me pick it up, and the beginning paragraph caused me to check it out of the library. My expectations going in was that this was Diana, who was a witch though she didn’t want to be because of traumatic past events. She had to go on a quest or something similar to find her powers as well as find her courage. Then there was Matthew Clairmont.

Look, I love romances. I look books that make me smile and squeal. I’m obsessed with a good romantic line among a more serious plot. This is what this book offered, but to me, it started feeling more like Twilight. No, Matthew did not bring the problems to her which was a nice change, but he did have this need to protect and get her to be a witch. I think I wanted her to come to that understand herself. Yes, a loved one can help bring it out, but it felt forced. When there was the romance it was cringe-worthy not squeal-inducing. And what is our obsession with sex? Look, I read Sherilyn Kenyon and love it. What I can’t stand is another plot line about two perfectly capable adults not having sex because of pathetic reasons that they don’t figure out until much later. I guess I just couldn’t get into that whole romance. It felt like once again, she was the one who needed him to survive and he needed her because he’s lived so long without love. Basically, she doesn’t support him in any way except to love him. It made me sad.

The ending did interest me though as endings typically do. There were a few points that I believe are going to be predictable and if the author does change it up, it’s going to be in the predictable way. Some plot devices are overused. Will I read the second one? I hope not, but I might just get desperate enough.


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