J.K. Rowling’s Story

Fireside Chat

What person whom you don’t know very well in real life — it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you just recently made, etc. — would you like to have over for a long chat in which they tell you their life story?

I’m branching off from this a little bit because I honestly don’t know. I read a few blogs, but I’m so awkward when it comes to talking to new people, I wouldn’t want to meet them. It’s a bit scary.

I’m going to include anyone on this and will pick J.K. Rowling.

Okay, okay. I know it’s cliche. Almost everyone who likes Harry Potter would love to meet her, but it isn’t to ask her about Harry Potter (though I’d like that too). I’m interested in hearing her story from her directed to me. I’ve listened to interviews about her difficult start, what it means to actually be poor, and somehow keeping her spirit alive to write a tale that’s so magical, it captures the heart of every reader. You can’t be dead inside and write something as magical as Harry Potter.

I want to hear her tale of how she dealt with the pain and the loneliness. Where she found inspiration and how she made herself continue writing when she had so many other things to be preoccupied about.

J.K. Rowling is a hero of mine and not just because of her writing. If she had been rich while writing Harry Potter, I’d still love her, but her tale of struggle is inspiring. Through her writing she shaped my life and continues to change it every  time I read Harry Potter. I don’t know how many times I’ve read the series, but I know every time I do, I find something new. When I got older and started reading her interviews, I learned how wonderful she is as a person. She herself, continues to change my life and inspires me to keep writing and living every single day.

I’m at the point where I don’t sob, but just tear up when I read this. Progress.

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