Hello readers!
My name is Kelsey and I’m a recent graduate in New York. That’s the state, not the city. I’m from a small town, but live near (and hope to move to) Ithaca. If you know anything about Ithaca that might tell you something.

If not, know that I have many opinions, but they are my opinions and yes, they do change and evolve as I collect more information. I am always open to conversations and will answer questions! For me, a blog is not just to publish my ideas, but to begin a conversation that is based on whatever I publish here. I hope people will enjoy reading and enjoy commenting.

For some background that’s me: I love Harry Potter and there will be references. I love all to do with Tolkien’s Middle-earth both movies and books. Once again, there will be references. I’m a feminist and please don’t write me off because of that.  I graduated in Creative Writing, but I don’t post my writing here. If you’re interested in my fiction, you can go here. If you keep reading, you find a description of the categories on this blog. I was originally going to have one theme and then realized that it’s impossible for me to do that. I like to write about many things and didn’t feel like having multiple blogs with barely any content.

I hope you’re interested!

I have a few categories going on here:

1) Feminism: As I said, I’m a feminist. Many of your preconceived notions of feminism is probably wrong and that’s not your fault. My particular brand of feminism has to do with equality, the right to own one’s body, and what both of those factors mean in public law and politics. If you want to read my blog and call me an equalist/egalitarian and whatever else you  have, sure. I hope I can change your mind not the hate the feminist label, but if not, I hope you’re advocating for something. These posts tend to spark some arguments or questions. If you have any, please say something. Questions are awesome.

2) Daily Posts: I do these sometimes and usually in spurts. It honestly depends on the day/week/month. I’ve graduated and do not have a job, so they’ll be going up. There is a category though that tends to overlap with my others.

3) Book Reviews: This is what the blog was originally created for, but I read faster than I write reviews. Sometimes if a book really incites some type of emotion from me, there will be a review. Still, sometimes there’s nothing even if I’ve gone through every type of emotion while reading the book. There are reviews and if you ever have a request, let me know!

4) Hobbies: Read miscellaneous. I was looking for a category to put my crocheting in, but I don’t post it often, so now I stick things that don’t fit into it. These are things that relate to my life specifically and can intertwine with other categories even if I don’t label them as so.

DISCLAIMER: All three of these categories may involve some ranting. I am a college student graduate after all.

Please never be silent if you have something to say. I will never put down your words and will try to answer or reply to the best of my ability. If your comment is against everything I’m writing about, I’ll probably think why are you here? but I’ll try to reply in a positive manner. If it’s a question, expect it to be answered. I  will ignore all of the sarcasm. Unless it’s actually funny.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a short blurb? Yikes.



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