Posters, Nerds, and Tattoos

Wall to Wall

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

Currently, nothing and I’m sure that’s bad. After living from tiny apartment to tiny apartment, I feel like posters and pictures make the space seem even smaller if that’s possible. I don’t have any children to put pictures of up and I’m not plastering the walls with pictures of me and my boyfriend. Yuck.

I did have a wonderful poster I got for Christmas from said-boyfriend. He bought it from and it’s a quote from John Green:

“…because nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff… Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can’t-control-yourself love it. When people call people nerds, mostly what they’re saying is ‘you like stuff.’ Which is just not a good insult at all. Like, ‘you are too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness’.”

I’m going to be honest here and say that I did copy and paste this in from Goodreads where it’s in normal black font and size. I guess you’re getting what the poster looks like! YAY?

Anyway, it was an awesome poster with John Green (whom I aspire to be) talking about how awesome nerds are. What else would I want? Unfortunately, my dog ate it two days later when he left it on the floor. Sad.

Let’s talk about what I would like for my writing room because that’s where I would most likely put up wall decorations. I would love to have a post-it note collage where I could write down my random ideas and snatches of conversation. I want my John Green poster up as well to remind me why I write. A Harry Potter one would be lovely to remember where my inspiration comes from. A big piece of my own calligraphy in Tengwar (elvish script) would also be cool.

That last one I have a small version of, I guess, but it’s cross-fandom. In Tengwar, I wrote Daenerys’s full name with all the titles. You know: “Daenerys Stormborn from the House Targaryan, mother of dragons…” and on and on and on. It was fun. I have odd hobbies and intense love for my fandoms.

I’m moving into a whole new topic but it links to a love for fandoms, so I guess it’s not new-new.

I do not have any tattoos mostly because I’m terrified of getting bored. I get bored with everything. If a book takes me more than two weeks to read, it’s discarded. I have no patience. My boyfriend has been working on the fifth Game of Thrones book for three months. I know the ending. It is painful.

And yet, I want some fandom tattoos. My body would become a showcase for all things I love. A Harry Potter quote on my ribs, a Tengwar LoTR quote wrapped around my ankle, a Buffy tribute (somewhere), a mockingjay on my shoulder blade, and maybe something to tribute Dany from Game of Thrones as well.

It’s a crazy time. I’m always looking for ideas and I’m always afraid I’ll change my mind. I used to really like Twilight and now I hate it. What if that happens with something like the Hunger Games? I really like the books and I found it inspiring, but it’s not to the point of the other books and shows I have watched.

This is my life.

Any tattoos any of you have to represent your fandom alliance? Don’t worry, I won’t steal.

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J.K. Rowling’s Story

Fireside Chat

What person whom you don’t know very well in real life — it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you just recently made, etc. — would you like to have over for a long chat in which they tell you their life story?

I’m branching off from this a little bit because I honestly don’t know. I read a few blogs, but I’m so awkward when it comes to talking to new people, I wouldn’t want to meet them. It’s a bit scary.

I’m going to include anyone on this and will pick J.K. Rowling.

Okay, okay. I know it’s cliche. Almost everyone who likes Harry Potter would love to meet her, but it isn’t to ask her about Harry Potter (though I’d like that too). I’m interested in hearing her story from her directed to me. I’ve listened to interviews about her difficult start, what it means to actually be poor, and somehow keeping her spirit alive to write a tale that’s so magical, it captures the heart of every reader. You can’t be dead inside and write something as magical as Harry Potter.

I want to hear her tale of how she dealt with the pain and the loneliness. Where she found inspiration and how she made herself continue writing when she had so many other things to be preoccupied about.

J.K. Rowling is a hero of mine and not just because of her writing. If she had been rich while writing Harry Potter, I’d still love her, but her tale of struggle is inspiring. Through her writing she shaped my life and continues to change it every  time I read Harry Potter. I don’t know how many times I’ve read the series, but I know every time I do, I find something new. When I got older and started reading her interviews, I learned how wonderful she is as a person. She herself, continues to change my life and inspires me to keep writing and living every single day.

I’m at the point where I don’t sob, but just tear up when I read this. Progress.

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Warnings in a Relationship

Connect the Dots

Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.

Page 82: Third full sentence. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

“‘You should have warned her.”

Warnings are a particular thing, aren’t they? Do they work and are they the best option?

In high school, I went to a school dance with a friend. We both went to Youth Group and while we went to different schools, we knew a lot of people from each others because of youth group. At this dance, we saw Jordan. He was the “bad boy” crush that all of us had in a lingering sort of way. It was never all the way there, but he was always somebody that would cause somersaults in your stomach, but dating him was out of the question. He always wore a hat and was pimply and yet, he was reserved and that attracted a lot of the girls.

Jordan and Melissa were dating. They had been caught at a few Youth Group meetings ago kissing in the chapel. They were the reason we suddenly had the no PDA or PC rule. It severely limited game time.

Back to the dance with my best friend. We were there and we saw Jordan. No Melissa in sight. Well, that didn’t mean much. Considering his ‘bad boy’ appearance, he probably never got the permission slip signed. No big deal that is until we saw him dancing with another girl.

I don’t know why, but moving your butt into a guy’s groin was a sign of affection at dances. Grinding was the thing to do. I remember the first time I did it and I look back, shameful. Yuck. Still it persisted at these high school dances with teachers who didn’t let us hug while we slow-danced but was fine with the fast grinding dances. Once again, yuck.

So Jordan and this girl who was not Melissa were going at the gross dancing. The year before I had been dumped for doing this same thing with another guy. This was CHEATING. At least to us in our tenth/eleventh grade mind.

Of course we tried to be clever. The three of us got together, smiled, and tried to place the picture frame to capture Jordan and maybe not me on the side. We don’t know if he saw us or it was by chance, but he moved. He did see us through the dance, but avoided eye contact most of the time. It wasn’t that weird, it’s not like we were friends. We liked Melissa, but Jordan was just her boyfriend who we crushed after every once and a while.

After this dance, we hung back after devotionals and talked to our favorite person, the female youth group leader. Shelianna still holds a soft spot in my heart. I saw her as the perfect strong, Christian woman and still do. They lived on a farm, she has ten kids (then it was around six?), and she works at a correctional facility. There was a lot to juggle and she never sat backseat to her husband. If my friend and I were to seek advice, it was going to be from her.

We didn’t tell her the names and she didn’t want to know. We told her that  there was a girl in youth group who’s boyfriend we had seen dancing with another girl. Do we tell her? Do we warn her? Should we even consider it as cheating?

Shelianna ended up telling us no, don’t tell her. At least not yet. We were worried Melissa would be upset that she never knew and found out there was something more going on between those two. We were also worried she’d be mad at us for not telling her. Shelianna, I think, thought they’d end up breaking up and of course, they did a few weeks later. I talked to Melissa after and acted sad that they broke up, but it was obvious she didn’t buy it. I said I never trusted Jordan. She said “he was cheating on me, wasn’t he?” Not an ounce of surprise just sadness. I told her what I saw and she said it was okay, she wasn’t mad I never said anything.

This warning a small one compared to others, but it’s one you’re never sure about especially when it comes to friends or even people who are only acquaintances. Do you warn a friend when you don’t like her boyfriend? Do you warn her when you saw him possibly cheating on her? What if you heard he sexually assaulted somebody?

I’ve tried giving out warnings, but what I’ve found is that the results are inconclusive. I have warned my best friend that the girl he was dating wasn’t okay. He chose not to listen and it worked for him, I think. (Or at least he refuses to tell me that he ended up worse after her, I’m not sure). They ended up breaking up and he learned a lot from that relationship. I have a current friend who is dating a guy her mom consistently warns her about. I think she holds onto him more. It’s not that I dislike him, but there are warning signs every once in a while. Do I say something? Right now, I choose not to and hope nothing bad will happen because of my silence.

It’s scary to stay silent and many people will not heed your warning and instead are proven right or don’t want to listen to “I told you so.” What about yourself? Are you guilty if you don’t say something and they get hurt? Warnings are difficult to give and they’re difficult to receive. Changing somebody is hard and people say you can’t change another person. I disagree in a way. I know I’ve been changed by people, but it relies on learning to understand oneself and reacting to it a specific way. A guy who cheats on a person won’t necessarily cheat on another. He might, but it may be for a different reason. Eventually he might come to understanding why he does what he does and figure out a way to change with the person he is in love with. This goes the same for girls.

So rambly post, but that’s my incorporation of that sentence or more so, my reaction to it.

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Daily Prompt-Off Topic

Cast the movie of your life.

Oh, dear. This means I can pick anybody I want to be. If I was going to be honest, I have no clue. I know who I, my boyfriend, and old roommate would want to be casted as. None of us look or act like the people, but it would be a wish. Emma Watson would be me, Gerard Butler would be my boyfriend, and Kristen Stewart would be my best friend. This is what they want, what I would want is: Jennifer Lawrence as me, my boyfriend as David Boreanaz, and my best friend as Emma Watson. This would make a pretty awesome time and be much more interesting than my actual life. (Not that my boyfriend and best friend aren’t great) This would be a good time.

Emma Watson showed up twice in that. I love her and yet would reconsider my sexuality if she offered.

Anywho, this Daily Prompt did not entertain me as much as the others, so now onto updates of My Life.

Remember that pompous prick of a professor I complained about? Guess what?! I dropped his class! I am now a much more happier student and hope the classes I picked up aren’t awful. My friend (hi Lizzie!) had him for a different class and she said he was awful. We don’t have the same taste in professors really, but if I already didn’t like him and then she just confirmed my feelings as true, I’m taking it as a time to get out of that class ASAP. I also tried to do the readings for his class and I burst into tears trying to read it. I’m not sure if his condescending personality made me feel like I couldn’t understand it or if I actually couldn’t understand it. If you would like to attempt it and show me up here is assignment number 1 XI [1 – 11]; XIII through XVIII [13 – 18]; and XXIII through XXIV [23 – 24] and assignment number 2 :  I through IX [1 – 9]; XV [15]; XXXIII through XXXVI [33]; and XLII through XLIV [42 – 44]

To give him some credit, there was a week to read it before class started I believe, but I registered late, so I had the night. Even if you do understand it, please try and believe I’m a smart person, but apparently not brilliant (or up to his standards).

This ends my rambling, I think. Does anybody here go to SUNY Oswego? If you do, hey! If not, well maybe your college is better. Also, I’m reading an awful book that’s making my brain cells disappear and maybe that’s why I failed at that class.

Daily Prompt- Call Me Queen Blogger

What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

No, don’t really call me Queen Blogger. If you’ve been reading, you saw my first post and that I have failed three times at blogging. This is the fourth time and so far, so good. I don’t know how to become a successful blogger, but I do know what it would take for me to feel like I’m successful.

Having people read what I write is very important to me. So far, I’m doing good compared to my and booksie account (which is sad to say, considering I think myself a writer). I also love to see responses. When I get that “somebody left a comment” e-mail, I get really excited! Then it falls when I see it’s just a ping-back. I’m not quite sure how any of that works, but I can work with that. 

One day, it would be nice to update this consistently and get responses. I read one of those articles that tell you how to become a successful blogger. It told me to focus on a topic. I made this blog with the hope that I would be focused on women writers, but if you’ve seen my posts, they’re mostly my ramblings. Then again, my ramblings give readers a sense of who I am and that helps you to understand how I review and what I consider good.

That’s pretty much all. Now, I shall go buy my books for school and get excited about class tomorrow!

Daily Prompt: Lies, All of it, Lies

What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?

I keep the truth to myself A LOT. This isn’t healthy, but it did take me a few minutes to recall the last lie I told. I still might be wrong, but I believe it was during my evaluation after summer camp.

This past summer, I decided I would try being a camp counselor. I was thrilled to get the job, I had no camp experience and that had been a requirement.

At the evaluation, I was told I was a wonderful counselor, especially considering it was my first time. They told me it would be a considerable loss if I didn’t come back and that’s when I told them I’d consider going back. LIE.

I enjoyed camp to a point. I had a lot of fun with most of the counselors and the kids weren’t so bad. My last night was clean-up night where we cleaned, talked, and danced around the kitchen. I left remember camp in better light. The problem is that I also remember thinking multiple times during camp that: “I better remember how much I hate this so I’ll never come back.” I began forgetting all of those horrible memories, but I do remember that line.

I met a lot of fun counselors and adorable kids, but I also had a hard time dealing with the higher-ups and how they ran things and also never having a break for the last three weeks. For any of you who haven’t been counselors at a residential camp, sleep doesn’t count as a break. If you think it does, try it and tell me how it goes.

Also, there were multiple lies to campers throughout the season as well like: Yeah, that bell is just to let us know there’s a moose on the loose (when we lost a camper); no, Buzz did not get stung  (she totally did); no, Buzz did not get stung again (she totally did, again) Bartle ran off because she’s so excited to be on break (she went with Buzz in the ambulance); They’re just wet because they decided swimming would be fun (shallow water search); some people just flipped over on a boat, no biggie (it was definitely a big deal); do you miss home? No! Camp is totally awesome (please, dear God, let it be the end of the season); and finally, are you coming back next year because I’m only coming back if you come back! Yes, totally am! I better see you next year (no. no. and no.)

So, I feel like I have to make up the lies with some truths. Maybe, I’ll get to that at some point. 

Tomorrow, I’ll hopefully be posting, but that might be a lie as well. I’m going back to my apartment tomorrow! YAY! On Sunday, I won’t have internet access. BOO! The next few days will be shaky, so you may have to wait for some more ramblings. Also, I totally love that I get more likes and comments on the posts that have nothing to do with blogs. Yay for talking about myself on the Internet and pretending people care! YOU ALL CARE, I KNOW IT.

Daily Prompt-Friendship

So, the Daily Prompt told me that my blog was going to be featured in The New York Times and this was going to be the first post they saw. Well, I have no clue what to write. 

And then I realized, somehow my friend has won again. Last night, he told me I should make him famous and write about him on here. This blog is most definitely not famous, but I did find it to be funny that the Daily Prompt was about fame. I’ve decided that he somehow knew and that’s why he asked yesterday. Somehow, he always wins.

The truth is is that I have no clue how to write about somebody who is real and is a friend. It’s impossible for me and will most likely turn into rambling. What I won’t do is give you his name because he doesn’t need to feel any more special. It’s not good for him. Here’s the general description: He’s an education major in his third year of college, but he has no clue what he wants to be. When asked his GPA his reply is “I didn’t look, but I’m guessing I did good.” He managed to accidentally get in a Frat (this isn’t a one time thing, he manages weird shit like this A LOT). He babysits through the summer and hates it. He likes to read horror novels and thinks anything I like is awful, but says that’s not true even if I give him an example.

I should just give everybody my psychological evaluation of him, but maybe he’d read this and then that could get awkward. I’ll skip all of that and tell you about friendship and his oddities.

I don’t know how many people this is true for, but I firmly believe that if I did not have one close guy friend, I would go completely insane. I have girlfriends and a boyfriend, but I still need that other guy who I’m close to and can tell anything to. This is most definitely not the person I’m writing about, that person has been absent for a while now and that story’s really long and really uninteresting and not even worth mentioning, but I just needed to say that there’s somebody else that’s not this particular person that I’m writing about. 

This guy friend that I am writing about is mostly incapable of taking anything seriously. You go to him with a problem and he’ll make you laugh. There won’t be any solving of the problem, but you’ll be laughing about it for a while or, in some cases, just shaking your head at the ridiculousness that comes out of his mouth. See, people don’t have problems with him at all because he manages to keep out of everything by laughing about it. Sure, there are people who don’t like him, but those people don’t like him because they can’t have a serious conversation with him that doesn’t include a joke about: drugs, therapists, stealing puppies, robbing a bank, and how he thinks you’re a serial killer. He just doesn’t show that he cares about anything and not in a “I keep it all inside, you don’t want to know the real me”, but in a “laughing is a lot better than talking about serious stuff.” And he wonders why there are people who can’t stand him.

I can totally stand him. Actually, I love hanging out with him and I totally tell him all of my problems even if he doesn’t notice them at all and tells me to solve them by becoming an alcoholic. Our friendship is an interesting one and nothing like the past friendship I had. God, this blog is becoming my diary and that’s really unfortunate.

Anyway, can any of you relate? If somebody does read this thing and feels like commenting, go ahead! Any crazy friendships that you can’t even wrap your mind around, so you babble on a blog because he told you so?