Book, Books, and More Goals?

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It’s 2015 and that means another personal reading challenge.

I read and I believe I read a lot considering what I do. In 2014, I read 82 books. I’m sure others read more than this especially considering five of those books were Angel graphic novels and a few others were children’s books. At the start of 2014, I re-read the Harry Potter series as I try to do almost once a year. I also read the Percy Jackson series, which has become my current favorite series right now (working on the Heroes of Olympus currently). I included Sex and the Citadel that I had to read for my Anthropology class. In Spring, I included some of the other books I had to read for classes (I cannot remember what ones those were anymore). Overall, I came to 81 books. I was in my last year of Undergrad and taking some challenging courses. I worked at the library and did not take a summer break. I also learned to crochet, so that meant an increase in Netflix watching and a decrease and personal reading. I tried to get through the Chronicles of Narnia and failed. Completed the Song of Fire and Ice. Finished off the Alice series and am very happy I can stop reading it. I read some amazing books as well: The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, The Golem and the Jinni, House of Leaves, We Were Liars, and Written on the Body. All of which I would recommend. YA/Magical Realism, Historical/Magical Realism, Meta/Horror?, YA/Mystery, Women’s/Romance. All of those books were wonderful reads, but now a new year!

My goal for 2015 is set at 85 books. I didn’t make goal of 100 books last year, so I decided to set this one higher than my completed. I have a feeling I’ll read more considering I’m no longer in school 😦 and do not yet have a job. I have two reading challenges currently. My 85 books and one that was re-posted of Facebook a few times and currently lives on my Pinterest.

2015 Reading Challenge. I've pretty much done this on my own already, and I'm counting some things I've had to read in school because I loved most books..but it's a great idea!

So far I have: A book with more than 500 pages (A Discovery of Witches), A book you can finish in one day (Ghosting), A book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit (Anansi Boys), A funny book (I Suck at Girls), A book with magic (The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making), and that’s all right now.

That’s also all the books I’ve read so far except for The Lost Hero which could fit into one of the categories already chosen, but I  used one of the others for that category. I’m going to try not to double dip. I don’t think I’ll be able to get all of them out. A book set during Christmas would be a hard one for me to figure out. Does it mean a holiday book? Or does it just have  to have Christmas in it? A book with bad reviews? Ugh. Many of the books with good reviews I can’t stand. A book set in your hometown? I live in a tiny town. I’m going to have to find one set in Ithaca, the closest known town. My grandma did give me one Tess of the Storm Country. It may have to be a double/triple dipper because it fulfills a few categories that I’m not sure I want to fill: a classic romance, published 100 years ago, and is set in Ithaca, NY. YAY! She did give me one that’s hard to read because it’s a cheap version of an ebook since she said it’s hard to read on the Nook. It’s definitely harder to read in print (tiny print and horrible lack of white space). I might have to cheat. Sarah Dessen’s new novel comes out in May as well! So that’s exciting.

I like my challenges so I hope I’ll actually be able to complete this one (and maybe write more reviews?). For 2015, my goals are:
-Read at least 85 books
-Crochet some stuff and sell some stuff
-Find a job I love/Apply  to grad school/those type of goals
-Write and finish a rough draft of my Middle-grade novel

If I can manage to complete all of that, all will be right in the year 2016.

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A List of Bad Habits

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?

I enjoy taking these daily posts as guidelines for something to talk about and therefore, I will try. 

I try not to pick up bad habits so it won’t be difficult to quit down the road. I think I’ve done pretty good for myself. I’ve never smoked, never done drugs, and only recently I’ve picked up a coffee habit but it was becoming necessary and I’m doing it much later than most. There are minor bad habits I’ve made myself get into. I used to never bite my nails and then I became curious on how somebody gets into a bad habit, so I began biting my nails. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot easier to gain a bad habit. Life lesson: don’t try a bad habit just because you’re curious.

Of course, we could say that my ex was a bad habit. When we broke up, I called him all the time and couldn’t stop journaling about him. This was hard to break. I’m not quite sure how I ended up doing this. Unfortunately, I think not journaling ended up helping. When I did journal, at first I think it did make things easier, but it eventually made it harder. I would stay up later and read until I didn’t want to life a hand.

That lead me into my next bad habit of not journaling which I have yet to break.

I also have a bad habit of not blogging and a bad habit of never blogging about what I said originally I would blog about. You don’t see much feminist blogging on here, do you? I should be looking at more books and how the women are shown in the books, but I can never get myself to sit down and actually do this. It’s a bad habit.